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The Los Angeles Lakers, a team that people hear about very often. This team has earned all the credit that they are given. With enough NBA titles to make any franchise happy and an all-star team line up of none other than Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Derek Fisher, just to name a few, this team has everything going for them. The Lakers are everywhere and seem to be a part of everything in some way. With their passion for the game and pride in all that they do this team has become the superstar of the NBA. The Staples Center has taken center stage in many of the recent NBA title games and is a great place for a game of basketball. It's important for this team to deliver and they plan on performing their best at every single game. With a strong franchise and program that shows no contest in the NBA world, the Lakers are a great team to go see and always seem to be on top of their game.

Imagine sporting the purple and gold jersey and watching your team be victorious. Well, if you go to a Lakers game there is a high chance of that happening. It's incredible to witness and experience a game of basketball because all the games are fast-paced and they really get your blood and adrenaline pumping. When it's "show time" the Lakers are always ready. They will keep you hooked on the game down to every last second of play time. Succeeding is something this team knows how to do and they are not the type of team that rubs success in your face. A strong force in the league and a good state of mind, this team redefines the NBA.

There is plenty to offer in Los Angeles and the city has a bunch going on, however, if visiting L.A. you should have going to the Staples Center to catch a game on the top of your list. It's a great facility that has invigorating vibes and an irreplaceable energy. Fans really control the feel of this place and the team feeds off of the Fans support and positivity so that they can perform better. It's important to attend games if you are a fan or not because it's amazing how much better a team can play if the stands are filled with people. Every seat needs to be filled and every person should be cheering because the Lakers have it all going on!


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