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Indiana is a state known for basketball, it runs deep down into their history, and the Indiana Pacers are no stranger to this history. The Pacers may be a team that you haven't really heard from recently but they definitely are a team that you should keep your eye on. This team has been rebuilding recently and is looking to emerge quietly as a force once again. Found in Indianapolis, the same city where we can find the legendary Colts, the Pacers have a lot of pride in everything they do and carry themselves well as a team. They are the team that you would be proud to say that they came from your hometown. Basketball is such a great game to watch in the first place and when you watch it with the Pacers you really fall in love with everything about the sport. It's fast-paced, passionate, and up-lifting. The Pacers often exceed everyone's expectations and leave everything they have on the court. It's great to be in Indiana and it's great to be a Pacers fan.

Try traveling to Indianapolis, you'll love it. Once you enter the Conseco Fieldhouse you will never be the same. This experience is truly unimaginable and it's a great facility to catch a game at. The Pacer's franchise really knows what they are doing and they know how to make the games interactive and fun for everyone. Can you just imagine sporting the navy and gold uniform and supporting your team at this place? It's something that you can do alone, bring buddies along for, or even bring the entire family. A basketball game is a great experience and it's really incredible when you get to share the experience with other people. In fact, that's what gets the Pacers going; when more people come to the games then they really perform well. They get this drive within them and the energy that comes from it is amazing. So just imagine what it would be like if you filled the place to the max, with 18,165 people. So join Danny Granger, and Mike Dunleavy, and T.J. Ford and catch a game, you'll be glad you did. If you want to be a part of something bigger than you ever have before and connect with the Indianapolis community in ways you never that possible, then go to a Pacers game, trust me, you'll have a great time!


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