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Don't mess with Texas, and good luck if you try messing with the Houston Rockets. This team is a strong force and they have a good shot at leading their division this season, who knows, maybe they'll even be a contender at leading the entire league. With the return of Yao Ming to the team they are looking to return to the top of their game. This NBA season is going to be one to talk about, it's going to be incredibly competitive and there are going to be a lot of passionate games, the Rockets have a vision of being the team that people talk about who accomplished what seemed impossible.

Representing the Southwest Division in the Western Conference, this program has created a model team that all other teams can look to as an example. They have phenomenal athletes including a starting line-up with none other than Yao Ming, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Shane Battier, and Aaron Brooks. It's this team's time to shine and they are ready to perform to the best of their ability to make that possible.Rockets games are always fast-paced and pulse-pounding, they tend to leave everything they have on the court and won't leave without being able to say that they've done everything they could. Fans that emerge themselves into the white and red nation can be promised that this team will stand strong and deliver stronger. Being a Houston Rocket is great.

Try taking a trip to the Toyota Center; it's a fantastic facility that has a lot to offer. You could join 18,042 of your closest friends and show the Rockets that you are there to support them. With a big arena, a big legacy, and a "big" (tall) team, you could say that this team has the potential to leave a big mark on history very soon. People are already beginning to predict who is going to win the NBA title when they haven't even considered teams that could prove them wrong. The Rockets are an example of this team. They are laying low now and not trying to hog the spotlight which could help them in the end because they could be the surprise of the season. So when you are attempting to find a great team to cheer for this season don't forget about the Rockets, they could be the team that everyone is hoping for this season, the team that comes out and surprises the "usual" teams. The Rockets are going to be flying high, if not now, then in the very near future!


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