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They don't call them the "Golden State Warriors" for nothing, this team has quite a lot going for them. They have the potential to really be the golden team and fly high above everyone else. Located in Oakland, California they sit in a prime spot that is near to the community of Oakland as well as San Francisco. The Warriors are tough competitors and could potentially be really great. They represent a very competitive and tough division, with teams in it like the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns, its hard to shine in the Pacific Division. However, if this team puts everything they have on the court at every game they could have the potential to rise up from behind and show everybody that they are a team to watch out for.

The Warriors are proud to call the Oracle Arena home. This Arena has a lot of history behind it and is in fact, the oldest Arena in the NBA. The Arena is right next to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum which is home to the Raiders as well as the Athletics, therefore, this central location is home to all of Oakland's professional sports teams. This arena seats 19,596 people and for this team to exceed expectations they need every single seat to be filled with a fan who is pumped to be at the game. The Warriors feed off of the energy from fans which means that the more fans there are, the more fuel there is for the Warriors to keep going.

The Warriors are fighters, they tend to never give up and always perform well and deliver. They just need to get everything together and put up a strong fight against the rest of the teams in their division so that they can emerge into greatness. In order for them to do something they have never done they are going ot have to play harder than they ever have before. They haven't won a title in some time and its about time that they caught up with the rest of the growing NBA and became a competitive group of athletes. It's rebuilding time and with guys like Monta Ellis, David Lee, and Andris Biedrins on the teamn they have a good starting point. These guys are fantastic athletes who can stand and deliver whenever necessary.

The thing that this team really needs is support. Fans contribute a lot to the NBA and individual teams within it, and if thousands of fans showed up sporting Warriors Royal Blue and California Golden Yellow then this team could really deliver. So why not escape from the world for a while and give the Warriors the support they need and deserve, it's about time a new team became the team to beat, why not make that team the Warriors?


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