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The Detroit Pistons have a history of doing great things, this season they want to continue the history and make it into a legacy. The Pistons have had a tough time recently but are looking to rise up again and prove that they are a force to be reckoned with once more. An All-American team with great players that have a strong passion for the game, it seems like this team could have it all going for them. Pistons games are always a blast, they deliver to fans and perform well at all times. It's a phenomenal experience to take a trip to the Palace of Auburn Hills where the Pistons like to call home. With a great energy and a powerful vibe, this arena is truly a unique place to go. The Pistons have won three NBA championships at the Palace and want to continue to make this arena truly one of the best. So join the Pistons and redefine what it really takes to be great.

The Pistons have the potential to be unstoppable. They have great players such as Richard Hamilton, Tayshawn Prince, and Ben Wallace who will do everything they can to be the best that they can be. The NBA is beginning to become more and more competitive and a lot of good teams are emerging. These teams are growing stronger and don't plan on waiting for everyone to catch up. Therefore, the Pistons have no better time than now to become truly great. They just have to put all the pieces together to become a contender in this year's battle for the title. And a battle it will be, the East is an extremely strong conference with teams like Miami, Orlando, and Boston as they all compete against each other to take on the Western Conference team which could be L.A., Phoenix, or any other great team. The Pistons plan on being right up in this battle and want to surprise basketball fans with what they can do.

Part of putting the pieces together to create an incredible team is getting support from fans. It's important to cheer for the teams that are attempting to emerge from greatness. These are the type of teams that all the great sports stories are about and support in the good times and the bad is definitely necessary. So if you want your Detroit Pistons to be the team that everyone talks about because they accomplished the impossible then give the =m some love and go to a game or two!


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