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It's ironic that Chicago is nick-named the "Windy City" because the Chicago Bulls are blowing the competition away. This team is a legend and always will be, they've got the history, the passion, the skills, the will, and most importantly, they've got game. The Bulls are no strangers to the game of basketball and know what to do if given an open opportunity during a game. With a past that made history, they are a team that wants to continue the tradition and lead a bright future making more history along the way. The team has had a tough time in recent years but are really beginning to pick it back up, after all, it's not how many times you fall that matters, it's how many times you get up. Even though the MJ Dynasty has ended, the Bulls dynasty will continue forever.

A Bulls game is pulse-pounding, intense, up-beat, and all around fun. Going to the United Center is always a great experience. Being the largest Arena in the NBA, you're promised a memorable time. This facility is home to none other than, Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah. With great team players and a great program this team seems to have a lot going for them. Representing the Central Division in the Eastern Conference is a tough job because it's an extremely competitive conference and division; however, the Bulls do a good job at it. Basketball is such a good sport to watch and be a part of compared to other sports because it really shows what teamwork is all about and it's a sport where something is constantly happening, there's limited time-outs and it has numerous amounts of consistent playtime. Basketball is just truly a great game.

Successful teams have outstanding fans. Fans are often the key to success. If a team isn't doing so well and needs a lift then fans are there to cheer them on and show support. This theory is no different for the Bulls, if all 21,711 seats are filled in the United Center then the Bulls have a way better chance of winning than if every single seat was empty. Often times its up to the fans to decide how a season goes for a team and I think it's about time that the Bulls had a winning season. So get you some buddies, and thousands of your closest friends and come out to support a team who's ready to make history…..again!


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