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The Boston Celtics are a big time team. They have countless amounts of NBA titles, a strong force within them, and a new, big, team member. Shaquille O'Neal is now joining this epic team and he will be playing alongside players like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Domination is what this team is all about and they leave no doubt when they play. This dynasty of a basketball team has built up their championship status and succeeds all throughout the season. They are a tough contest and plan on continuing to keep it that way. Visiting the TD Garden to catch a game while in Boston is truly a spectacular experience. Plan on being entertained and being addicted to the game, the Celtics bring their A-Game everywhere, and if you weren't a basketball fan when you went to the game plan on being one when you leave.

Although many teams are going to have the spotlight this season because there is a lot of good competition in the NBA, the Celtics are still going to be that team that everyone needs to look out for. These guys know the game of basketball inside and out and fundamentals are not a problem for this team. It's important to the Celtics to have a strong fan base and therefore people need to go to games and fill every single seat to keep giving the Celtics the support they deserve. This team will exceed everyone's expectations if they have the positive support behind them that fuels their fire. TD Garden can be as pumped up and energy filled as fans can make it, it's up to the people who go to the games.

Join the Celtics and be a part of a team who plans on making something incredible out of their season. You won't be let down with these green guys. Just imagine it yourself, entering the stadium and seeing the court, you're sporting a green and white jersey and the next thing you know, the guy whose name is on the back of your jersey comes running out of the tunnel. Everything is truly incredible. Basketball is an awesome sport and just going to a game can be one of the greatest times of your life, join thousands of your closest friends and just enjoy the experience!


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