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The World Extreme Cagefighting, or WEC, is the sister corporation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. They are both owned by the Zuffa LLC, and use identical rules for competitions. The primary difference between the two is their emphasis on different weight classes. While the Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC, has a broad range of weight classes, they overlook smaller weight classes. The WEC comes in here with a particular range fixating on lightweight classes.

The four weight classes in the World Extreme Cagefighting are Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, and Bantamweight ranging from heaviest to lightest. A Welterweight has a maximum weight limit of 170lbs, Lightweight at 155lbs, Featherweight at 145lbs, and Bantamweight at 135lbs. In combat sports, weight classes are very important to keep fights from being incredibly one-sided in terms of strength or speed. Originally, under Vale Tudo rules, Mixed Martial Arts had no weight classes and fighting someone as much as twice their weight was sometimes routine. This is especially evident in the original airings of UFC in which the original champion and then defending champion continued to topple opponents as much as twice his weight and size. Now though, under State Athletic Commission Regulations, the sport is divided into weight classes so that fighters can be paired up with a much more even idea of outcome and improved safety.

Currently, the title holders in the WEC are Dominick Cruz for the Bantamweight class, Jose Aldo of the Featherweights, and Lightweights of Ben Henderson. While the WEC does have an official Welterweight division, there are currently no fighters in it. As WEC shares divisions with the UFC, fighters that are over Lightweight will typically sign with the UFC Welterweight division which has an impressive array of combatants. Lightweight fights are promoted as being much faster paced and intense bouts than the larger weight classes, especially super heavyweights.

Often, super heavyweights and heavyweight fighters will ďgasĒ which means they run out of energy to continue the fight at the pace they had originally set. The trade-off is with all the power to knock someone out in one strike, comes a sacrifice in speed and endurance as they have to move their 240lbs frame around the ring. The lightest weight classes prove to be the exact opposite of the spectrum with full activity every round but less knockout power. This isnít to say knockouts donít happen, considering the difference in scale of everything, itís a similar fight to a heavyweight matchup but much faster, and often sometimes excitingly reckless. If you want to see an exciting lightweight battle, the World Extreme Cagefighting promoted conflicts are your best bet.


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