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Wildly popular lately is the UFC brand of Mixed Martial Arts as seen on Cable and Pay-Per-View. UFC is commonly considered the premier avenue of the sport and also the highest echelon of the competition. The initialism, UFC, that stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and also the official logo of the league. Owned by Zuffa LLC, the UFC is the first professional avenue for mixed martial arts commissioned by State Legislatures as sports. This means they have defined rules and regulations that will consistently be adhered to in order to protect both the participants and the spectators from harm as well as offer an accountability scoring system to determine winners and losers during competitions.

The UFC, originally a series of underground tapes was known in the nineties for its one rule. There are no rules other than not allowing weapons. Fighters would engage in combat until one decided to submit as there were no ties and no time limits. In order to improve the scope of the audience, they eventually adjusted their rules and regulations to conform to commission standards. The rules for the Ultimate Fighting Championship now adhere to regulations of the commission requirements for Mixed Martial Arts competitions. These rules include: Weight classes, mandatory drug testing, time limits and rounds, commission approved gloves, no strikes to the spine or back of the head, no head butting or kicks against a downed opponent, no downward point to elbow strikes, no knees to the head of a downed opponent, and no groin or throat strikes. In addition to these commission rules, they also have innate regulations for the league. Currently, they require four to six ounce gloves, and commission approved kickboxing trunks or shorts which are far removed from the original lack of dress code in the sport which entitled combatants to wear karate uniforms and shirts.

The original UFC competition was designed to be a tournament style event in which no weight classes were drawn and there would be only one winner for the event. It was posed by the Gracie family advocating Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or as they call it Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and seeking anyone that could defeat the style. The martial art proved to be a significantly dominant form when Royce Gracie managed to win the first, second, and then fourth meetings of the competition often against competitors far exceeding his weight and size. This focus on making ground fighting a legitimate part of the competition pulls through to this day. Currently, the vast majority of fighters have either classical martial arts training or training in the most dominant forms of the league. The unofficially accepted power forms of the UFC are masteries in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a ground based grappling martial art, as well as Muay Thai, a striking based kickboxing martial art. Fighters that have masteries in forms such as Judo are also widely successful because of their ability to transition from a standing altercation to an advantageous ground position almost seamlessly. While the current rules do not require formal training, anyone with enough athleticism, and sport combat practice can do extremely well.


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