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In our Nation's capital you will find many sights to see and a plethora of history to explore, however, while there you can also go see another important thing in this country, and that is the game of baseball. The Washington Nationals had an average start to the season but have recently been starting to succeed and plan to do so in the future. For the rest of the season they have their sites on winning and becoming contenders to all opponents they meet. Taking a trip to D.C. is not complete unless you stop by Nationals Park and catch a game of baseball. The Park is very unique and captures Washington's architecture at its best. This stadium has the positive energy that D.C. puts off and adds to the passion that people show in this city.

Although sometimes you may not agree with the government choices in this city you will always support what the Nationals do and how the hold themselves among all the other teams. The Park is right on the river front and offers spectacular views of parts of D.C. so although you will most likely captured in the game for 9 innings, you will definitely be astonished with what you see when you look up during the 7th inning stretch. The Nats play in the competitive NL East and have had a tough schedule; nonetheless, fans have really shown them support and should continue to cheer them on as they continue the season. If they are shown the support they deserve, odds are, they will continue to perform better.

Just imagine spending the day visiting the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington and Jefferson Memorials, maybe even taking a tour of the White House, and the capital building then after all that walking you enter Nationals Park, you begin to walk through the hallway to the field and the weather is perfect, you can enjoy 9 straight innings of a great game of baseball… doesn't that sound like the perfect day? The only thing that could make it any better is if you have Cracker Jacks in your hand and, of course if the Nationals win, which they have a good chance of doing. Baseball and America go hand and hand, what better place to watch baseball than America's very own capital. You will not be let down is you visit this team; guys like Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Dunn, Adam Kennedy, and Livan Hernandez will make sure of it.

Take yourself to the ball game, bring some friends, or the family and just enjoy one day away from the crazy world that surrounds us. You may even leave as the newest fan of the Nationals.!


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