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On top of their game in the AL West, the Texas Rangers have been performing well this season, especially in the pitching area. The Rangers are leading their division now with the closest team behind them being the Los Angeles Angels 7 games back. It has been a successful year for this team with the 2nd overall batting average in the association. It has been built into a strong team and program that's giving fans a new way to look at the team. It gives promises for all that attend the games and it creates witnesses for those who are watching this team build stronger and stronger. The Rangers have been winning series this season that have ultimately put them in the sports headlines and made them into a competitive team.

Maintaining the usual at-bat routine and getting stronger on the field is sometimes difficult for teams but the rangers are doing pretty well at succeeding at that. It helps though that they are getting the support they deserve. The Rangers have even gotten support from former President George W. Bush who attended his first game of the season recently and believes in this rising team. The team is looking to build even further as the deadline for trades quickly approaches in just a single week, it has a good group now so improvement has occurred without a trade but nothing is definite yet. The fan base for the Rangers has begun to grow back up again and their community involvement is substantial. Baseball teams often create their communities and with the Rangers it is no different.

At the games fans feel a part of something and a sense of belonging is always within the stands. It's a good feeling when the team that somebody is rooting for succeeds and that makes it a good season to experience that feeling with the Rangers. The Rangers are a team to keep an eye on because they are gaining a habit of succeeding and this habit may be taking them places this season. With a new pitcher, Cliff Lee, and sights set on victory, the Rangers are a sensation and everything is beginning to fall into place for this team, and yes, the fans are good too.


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