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After becoming the 2008 American League Champions, the Tampa Bay Rays hit an all time high in their playing as well as with their fans. The Rays received more support than they ever had before; however in this season the gained support and even respect has began to go downhill. The Rays are still a combatable team they just need the back-up of fans and the MLB world to stay a competitor to other teams. With a 59-38 record so far, they have had an average season and still have a young team. The Rays may surprise people in the future and are not a team to count out.

With players like Wade Davis having a successful month and others continuing to do well towards the wrap up of the season, the Rays have the potential to start out strong come next season. Names like Carl Crawford, BJ Upton, Carlos Pena, and Evan Longoria should give Ray's fans a comforted feeling as they top the list of stats for runs and give the team a sense of hope through the tough season. It takes a whole city to give a baseball team the support it needs and Tampa Bay is included. Fans are what turned around the Ray's baseball program and the team has given back by having fan-based events in and out of the baseball season. The Rays haven't lost faith in their fans, so fans shouldn't lose faith in them. Tropicana Field is what builds the team and the people that fill the stands are what feed the adrenaline and energy of the team. The Rays are not done yet; it's starting to be proven as they are finally getting over their slump. The Rays stand for a good message and should be respected, that's why the games have so much to offer. Going to baseball games have so much to offer in the first place but being in Tropicana Field is something special because it has so much to offer that it's not a bad idea to show up early and just take it all in.

The Ray's have literally created their own community and they stand with a positive influence. When it comes down to stats on the field this season the Rays have not filled their potential, however, when it comes to community the Rays have done more than expected. It's the fans turn to give back to the community and by doing so giving back to the Rays would fill the spot. Too many times people lose faith in teams, I for one have not lost faith in the Rays though, they have too much to promise.


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