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The Seattle Mariners try very, very hard. Sometimes things just don't go the way they plan. The great thing about going to a Mariners game is that if they win it's a huge success however, if they end the game with less runs than their opponents then nobody is too shocked. Taking a trip to Safeco Field is actually a really great idea, it's a great place to watch a game of baseball, it has great views of downtown Seattle, and the Mariners could really use your support. The Mariners have a bright future ahead of them, after all, the light always comes after the dark, but they really do have a positive future in their sights. This team should be respected because they have a great program and players with great potential they just need to combine all that they have to create something truly spectacular. Baseball is such an awesome game and it really connects people in a way that this country was founded upon.

Being a part of the AL West is exciting for the Mariners because it is such a competitive division they just need to catch up with the other teams and it'll be a good league. The Mariners have all the credentials together they just can't seem to catch a break. Soon enough this team will be moving up, they have to, going down isn't an option. Grab some peanuts, grab some cracker jacks, and pray that this team will eventually come back. They have potential in them, with players like Felix Hernandez, Franklin Gutierrez, and Matt Saunders they just need to pull everything together and create a strong, balanced team. Being at the game is great and all baseball games have great vibes surrounding them, if you go and add to the positive energy and all the seats get filled then that is something that the Mariners can feed off of and use to succeed in the end.

The Mariners are community leaders and they do so much for fans as well as people in need. The Mariners have so much going for them and they really do deserve to succeed. So its up to the fans and everyone that goes to the games to cheer them on and give them the motivation they need. Go out to the ball game, it's a fun time and everyone will enjoy it, win or lose, the Mariners are a good team in my eyes.


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