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San Francisco, a city known for a rather famous bridge, many hills and the trolleys that travel up them, overcast weather, an old island prison, and a pretty amazing baseball team. The San Francisco Giants are a team that constantly show people that they are worthy of being an All-American team. They have strong team spirit and a winning record to go with it. See for yourself, take a trip to AT&T Park and you will feel the strong vibe that comes off of the stadium from many blocks away. The Park is your idea of a classic baseball park and sits right on the bay which makes for a good time all around. So grab the family or take a few buddies and you will be assured a good time with the Giants.

Being a part of the NL West is important to the Giants and they have good competition within the division. The Giants have a good shot at the playoffs this season and will be sure to make fans proud. This team has a lot going for them and they know that every game and every inning they play is important and they take the opportunity and make the most of it. Guys like Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, and Aubrey Huff always give every ounce of what they have in games and really know how to make fans happy. Fans play a large role in the overall success of the giants because they can give off a positive energy that the Giants really know how to use and play off of. Baseball games give off a special energy and leave fans feeling great and as long as the stands are packed with these energetic fans then the Giants start feeling and performing great too. The Giants deliver, in a huge way, and that's no pun, they really always seem to be on top of their game and are becoming a pretty big competitive team, especially to their arch-rivals in Los Angeles. So going to a game can be enormously entertaining and you may even leave a Giants fan if you weren't already. It's great to be a Giant, just ask the thousands of people that claim that name.

The Giants also know how to give back to the community and have earned a lot of respect for all that they do. It's time to show this team that we care about all they do for everyone and give them some support.


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