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With a recent World Series win under their belt and after contending in another one, the Philadelphia Phillies are becoming a super-team and a team to watch. A strong force in the NL East, this team is a power house and is looking to finish the season leaving no doubts and showing everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. Taking a trip to Citizens Bank Park to visit these guys would be an excellent decision because you will be able to see a team that is on top of their game and will continue to get stronger. Baseball games are a lot of fun and the Phillies are no exception, they have so much to offer and their positive, victorious vibes rub off on to all citizens of Philadelphia. The Citizens Bank Park emanates and spews energy out of everywhere so that when you walk through the front door you get a feeling you can't explain, it's a sudden rush of love and passion for the game and then……just like that……you're hooked. It helps that the Phillies have a great team of guys which includes, pitchers like Cole Hamels, and Joe Blanton, shortstop Jimmy Rollins, first baseman Ryan Howard and third baseman Placido Polanco. Whether it's just a group of buddies having a good time, or you make it a family day at the park, you are assured to have a good time while you're there.

Empty seats are not good encouragement for baseball teams, which is where the fans become important. It's up to the fans to fill every single seat in the stadium so the Phillies can know that they have the support they need and deserve. After being able to sweep multiple series, the Phillies have become a force that will withstand all odds. With a bright future and a strong team, what can possibly bring this team down? Philadelphia has so much history within it already that its time to join the Phillies and create history, connect with people, join the community, make something outstanding with the baseball team because the time is now.

So whether you are attending your first baseball game or you've been a fan since you were born, join the Phillies and help them continue to build a great record. Enjoy yourself and the outside Philly air as you intently watch the game in the open park. The Phillies have such a great history, now it's time to have a great future.


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