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The Oakland Athletics are a stand out team that has been looking to strongly improve this season. It has been a winning season for them thus far and they are looking to come out on top the second half of the season. The A's are second in the AL West and have a promising outlook when approaching the Rangers and attempting to lead the division. Going to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum would be an incredible experience now because the encouragement that fans are giving is what will push the team to outshine and surpass expectations. The Coliseum is a great place to enjoy the ball game because it's outside in the cool Oakland weather and when fans fill up the whole stadium it makes it a sight to see. When attending an A's game it can be expected that you will see people like Cliff Pennington, Kevin Kouzmanoff, who is leading the team in RBI's, and Trevor Cahill taking the field and succeeding in all areas of the game. Within most of their series the A's have been winning the majority of the games and are really proving to fans and critics that they have what it takes.

Going to a ball game is such a countless experience because it brings fans into the game; a spectator will be enveloped into the game and feel as if they are on the field and are part of the team. In fact, by going to a game, in a way you do become a member of the team. Fans are such a large part of what happens on the field that they should almost feel obligated to go. Many do not consider it but everything around what is going on in the game ultimately affects the outcome. The A's mission is to improve continually and the backup of fans is necessary to be able to do so. That's why going to a game is such a great deal because a fan can go and enjoy themselves for a day while the team feeds off the energy and improves themselves. The A's are doing an excellent job at maintaining as little hits on them as possible and "holding their own when it comes to competition. Going to a game is being part of a community that the A's have given back to and helping a determined team succeed as much as possible.


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