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The New York Yankees, not surprisingly, have had an on track season this year. Focus has remained and the rank first in the AL East standings, they also rank first at the moment for RBI's. With a new field and stadium and a fan base as strong as ever, many would say this team has it "all going on". The Yankee's usually try to deliver to fans who come to support the team at games, with people like CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, and Derek Jeter on your team, it's hard not to. Making a name for themselves is something the Yankees have done very well and it's easy to find yourself lost in the game no matter who the Yankees play. The Yankees have a very good shot at the play offs and will, it's believed, continue to excel as the season continues. The Yankees have much to promise and are 3 games ahead of the Rays for the AL East, the thing about the Yankees is that people either love them or hate them, but either way they are going to play to the highest standards possible.

With a World Series ring from just last year, the Yankees have enough experience to put on a show. It just takes the continual support from others who view the Yankees as a dynasty to keep this team going. With a little less than half a season left, the Yankees look at their schedule with hope that they will soon be able to look past their schedule and into the play offs once again for another round. With all this hope and great support (from fans) it's difficult to see how the team could possibly be knocked down. Even people who have negative feelings for the Yankees fuel the fire as they try to prove people wrong. The Yankees are here, and they are strong, and they will continue to be strong for years to come. As much as some people can't stand to hear about their success, there's always the small interest of "how's the Yanks doing?" The Yankees have become part of MLB culture and to be part of that you need to experience it.


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