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The Minnesota Twins are doing well this season, very well. Leading the league overall in batting averages; the Twins are having a successful season. One thing that has become very important to the Twins is how much support they receive, once fans started backing up the Twins and came out to support them, the overall performance of the team improved. The Twins are second in the AL Central and are coming out strong in this second half of the season. The Twins are also leading the league overall in hits so going to a game would not be a bad idea if you enjoy a baseball game packed with action. The Twins are actually breaking records for the amount of hits they are getting during some of the games this season. If the Twins keep up their most recent performances then they have a good chance at being the Wild Card in the American League. That's where the fans and supporters come in, by going to a game you have the opportunity to be a part of the team and help them catch their stride to do successful in the conclusion of the season. It takes the hearts of fans to keep a team going in the second half of the season and fans carry a power to raise a team up that no other group of people or object can replace.

The Minnesota Twins are a force to be reckoned with even though some people fail to even consider them. Going to a Twins game is so great because they are a "real" team, they aren't an amazing "super team" that gives nobody a contest, they are the team that's fun to watch because every game they play is a good game. The Twins are on the same level as all the other teams which make the games more exciting, especially when they excel. With teams like the Twins the fans play such a large part because the support from fans gives the team that extra ounce of something that pushes the team to excel. Games bring excitement, passion, suspense, and joy, it provides an experience when everyone is in the stands of Target Field and a sense of connection is at bay. The Minnesota Twins has a developed program that stands for the right things and gives back to their community, being a part of this is so much more than just going to a baseball game, it feeds a passion deep inside that connects baseball fans all around the nation.


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