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The Milwaukee Brewers are brewing some good performances up at this moment and showing that they should be recognized as a strong, competitive opponent to all who play against them. The Brewer's have had a decent season so far and are looking forward to a strong finish. The team needs to, as I'm sure they will, play to the best of their ability in the upcoming games and the fans need to be there cheering the Brewers on so that they can feed off of the positive energy and play well.

Miller Park has the opportunity to overflow good vibes into the surrounding city as long as all the seats are filled with energetic and prideful fans. It's hard not to enjoy yourself at Miller Park; it's such an amazing place with awesome capabilities, such as the convertible roof, that you would never even dream of leaving. The games are invigorating and exciting to the point that you will refuse to get up and go to the bathroom because you need to see what happens in the next play. Randy Wolf, Prince Fielder, and Corey Hart are just a few of the players that give this team their incredible potential. The NL Central is a division composed of a bunch of average teams; this is what makes the games so good in this league because most of the teams are on even playing ground with each other.

It's always great to see an underdog story and in the NL Central that is always quite possible. The Brewers could even be and underdog story as long as they go into the rest of the season with a positive outlook and fans to back them up. Brew up some fun in your life and go to a baseball game, it's an experience not easily forgotten and the Brewers are a good team to go out and watch. Going up to Wisconsin could be a really good experience and trip to take; you may end up coming back with a suitcase full of cheese and a Brewers fan. Just embrace the American sport of baseball and enjoy life for a little while as you get away from the craziness of the world to be a part of something awesome.


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