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Los Angeles, the city of dreams, success, and large bank accounts. Well that is pretty true for the Los Angeles Dodgers too; they have strong dreamers, plenty of success, so much so that some say they are "cashing in". The only thing that's missing is the happy ending. The Dodgers started off strong, are doing average now with the recent tough competition, and are looking to succeed in the future. With a winning record thus far, and a tough NL West division to compete in, the Dodgers have the old traditional plot with obstacles along the way; they even have the villain (the San Francisco Giants). For this story to have a good ending is up to the Giants, although their schedule is tough they need to keep pushing through and just show everyone that they can still do it.

Dodger stadium is the place to be in L.A. during baseball season, it has a good vibe in it that emanates into the city and cause people to think positive. The Dodgers are a team that leads by example and many teams strive to have their program set up in the way that the Dodgers have succeeded with for years. America loves baseball and the Dodgers are the epitome of American baseball so whether you are planning on going to your first game or you have been a Dodger fan since the day you were born you will love going to a game, so much so that you will want to stay forever, or at least until the cleaners kick you out. If you are set up with some peanuts and cracker jacks then there is not a chance that you will ever want to come back, you'll find yourself at happiness right there in the stadium. And if you do end up finding a home in the stadium you'll want to meet your new family members, their names go along the lines of Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and James Loney. You will also need to know that you will be addicted to the game of baseball and will be hooked for every single second of the nine innings.

So if you want to be a part of a story and connect with people and the community of Los Angeles in a special way then go down to a Dodgers game, you will not regret it. Join 55,999 of your closest friends in the story of the Dodgers, you'll be promised a happy ending.


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