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"I know a place where the grass is really greener"……."Nothing comes close to the Golden Coast" and Los Angeles is where it's at, there's so much going on in this city that it may be hard to choose what to do, luckily there is an "Angel" that stands out in this town, there's actually a whole team of them. The Los Angeles Angels are a baseball team that has always stood out in the MLB and are a great team to go watch. With an average season so far, the remaining part of the season is looking good for the Angels, they may even have a good shot at making it to the playoffs. Taking a trip to Angel Stadium is such a treat because the stadium, located in Anaheim CA, has so much to offer and has a great vibe that gets fans lost in the game. All baseball fields have a distinct feeling and atmosphere within them but the Angel Stadium exceeds everyone's expectations and just gives the phrase "All American" a new meaning. With a World Series win from the new millennium, the Angels have a bright future and team; I guess you could say their halos are glowing pretty bright right now.

"West coast represent, now put your hands up"….once you're at the game you will get lost in everything that's going on. The game will keep you entertained for 9 straight innings and whether you get there early or stay there late, you will find plenty to do. The Angels perform better when the stands are packed with exactly 45,050 ecstatic people. Fans really make or break a game and when there are fans that bring loads of support for their team it really encourages them to perform well. The energy in this stadium overloads the area and spills out and into the surrounding area. Players like Jeff Mathis, Erick Aybar, Jered Weaver, and Torii Hunter really make for a good time. The Angels are a team known for standing strong and together and they rub off on their fans who show a very connected network that leads into a tight-knit community. It's great to be an Angel and people just have a positive outlook when cheering for this team.

The program has been together for nearly 50 years and has gained a lot of respect. The Angels give back to their community and represent a good team. Going to a game is a way to get away from the world for one night and just enjoy what the Angels Stadium and team has to offer, and what they offer seems to be endless. They perform well, they have a lot of heart, they are determined, they give back to the community, and they appreciate and respects fans, why not go just watch one game? You may end up leaving as a life-long fan and a love for the game that will never break.


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