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Just a short time ago the Houston Astros were contenders in the World Series and were at the top of their game. Now the team is rebuilding what they had at that time and is becoming a strong competitive team once again. The Astros were having a tough season this season but they are anticipating coming out stronger and are always a good team to go out and see. Spring training for the Astros takes place locally in Florida in Kissimmee and going to watch the Astros has always been a real treat. The Astros play their games in Minute Maid Park which offers a great atmosphere to see a ball game and is extremely interactive with what's going on, on the field. The seats in the stadium could even be considered to be "on the field" due to their close proximity to the field. Stats may not be where they are wanted this season but the team has plenty of potential to enter the second half of this season and next year's season very strong.

Enjoying your first baseball game is a big milestone in the lives of many people; a great way to go about this (if you have not been to a baseball game so far) is to go to an Astros game. The Astros make it a strong point to keep the American tradition of baseball and withhold the expectations of spectators and fans alike. The Houston Astros are a great program and have a great foundation behind them, they will be able to accomplish great things in the future due to their past because they may learn from mistakes. So after being able to build a program for nearly 50 years the team will be able to set an example for others and really keep baseball history alive. Being a part of the community is what baseball games are all about.

Fans get connected in a new way at games and are entranced by what is happening before their very eyes, it's a great experience that one won't easily forget. The Astros offer so much for the community and for the fans, they donate money to "Hometown Heroes", cancer research and so much more, it's about time that fans gave back, and enjoyed a game while they are there.!


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