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Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. And once you attend one of the Detroit Tiger's games then you will most likely become a Tiger for life. The Tigers are having an average season in the AL Central this year and have their heads held high as they look to end the rest of the season on a positive note. Taking a trip over to Comerica Park during baseball season is a great thing to do and it really develops a special experience. The stadium has no outfield upper-deck which gives the fans and spectators a chance to see the view of Downtown Detroit. The park has so much to offer for everyone and once the game starts its interesting to see that everyone's eyes seem glued to the field. The Tigers offer a great performance on the baseball field and can really put on a show. With great players like Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, Johnny Damon, and Danny Worth this team can really hold their own and be a competitive team. Fans are a great part of the game because they provide great energy and support so that the team knows that they have something worth playing for.

Detroit is a city known for many things but what they should be known for is the Tigers because the Tigers have literally built a community within the Detroit community. With a hectic world and city around them, the Tigers have learned how to be an escape from the world and to just give people something to enjoy for a few hours. With a tough schedule ahead of them for the remainder of the season, the Tigers are going to have to really try hard and prove to all other teams that they still have a shot in this competition. Going to a baseball game is an experience that everyone needs to have and the Tigers provide baseball fans with a great time at this All-American game. The vibes that come from baseball games are great and you may leave feeling overly positive and motivated. Especially considering the fact that the Tigers have pretty good batting averages are not far behind the leading team in the number of hits.

The Tigers give back to the community in so many ways that it would only be right if fans went to games and gave back as well. Baseball connects thousands of millions of people in ways you would never dream possible. Now its time to join the community and go to a game. Who knows? You may even leave a Tiger.


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