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Being taken out to a ball game, especially if it's the Colorado Rockies, is a real treat. This team has a winning record going on and they have the potential for greatness on their side. It's a tight-knit group of athletes that make up this team and going to games is something that everyone needs to do. First baseball games are a great experience for people, as is the second game, and the third, and the fourth, and so on. The Coors Field that the Rockies are lucky enough to call their home is a spectacular facility that really has tons to do, when you're not intently watching the amazing game that is. From parts of the stadium you can get an excellent view of the Rocky Mountains in the background and the upper deck really gives a new name for "nose-bleed section", if you are in the upper deck and go back to row 20 then you will be exactly one mile above sea level. So being in the stadium is like being in a small community, there are so many opportunities.

The Rockies are doing very well and it's difficult not to like this team, unless you're the opponent that is, but still this team deserves a lot of respect. The Rockies are even breaking records, they recently broke the franchise record for hits and runs in a single inning, and they also broke the record for plate appearances in an inning which was 18 and extra-base hits in a single game which was 12 for their franchise. And as if that wasn't enough the Rockies now own the record for the most amount of straight hits in a row for Major League Baseball when they got 11 hits in a row. I guess you could say that the Rockies are on top of their game. This team seems to have it all together and as long as fans continue to support them and fill the stands with positive energy then it will soon be hard to stop this team.

The Rockies know how to connect people in a way that you don't typically see, they literally have created a community and show people that it's alright just to let loose and enjoy yourself. They open their stadium to a maximum of 50,449 people and when you can get that many people together enjoying themselves in the same way and watching a team play their hardest and have fun doing it, it really becomes something special. So now it's up to you, go to a Rockies game and find out just what everyone is talking about, you'll leave feeling………alive!


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