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Are you in the tribe? Well, if youíre not you should be. Being a part of the Cleveland Indian tribe is something that you can put pretty high on your resume. Being a member of the tribe is invigorating, addicting, and rewarding. The Cleveland Indians are having an average, tough season but have a positive future in their sights where they look to finish out the rest of the season with a larger number in the win column. Baseball has been a tradition in Cleveland for an extremely long time and itís in the hearts of every single citizen.

The Indians take the game of baseball very seriously, as do their fans, ďonce an Indian always and IndianĒ is the case for this team. In fact, just by taking a trip to Progressive Field, you will most likely leave an Indian fan. With great hitters like Shin-Soo Choo, good fielders such as Shelley Duncan, and a good athlete behind the plate, Lou Marson, itís hard not to like this team. Itís been a while since the Indians have been completely on top of their game but they have the potential to rise back up. Fans are important to teams like this because they need some support and back up during good games and during ones where they just cannot catch a break.

Progressive Field is such a great place to watch baseball. The vibe that comes off of Progressive Field is not something to be missed; you walk through the gates in amazement just at how the atmosphere makes you feel. When the Indians are having a good day and everything is at its greatest then there is not a feeling in the world that can break the emotions that will overcome you. The Indians are good at taking advantage of opportunities and when other teams are having days filled with errors they are going to show no mercy. Being a part of the tribe is something that last a life time, the community that they built in Cleveland is something where everyone is connected in a way that seems inseparable. Joining the tribe is being a part of something bigger than you ever imagined, and when it comes down to it you will 43,544 tribe members right next to you cheering for the same thing.


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