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Cincinnati is a city known for many things, one thing that really stands out in Cincinnati are the Reds, and their performance on the baseball field. The Cincinnati Reds don't often disappoint fans during a game; their batting has been pretty substantial lately, they are fourth overall in the league in homeruns and RBI's, these types of achievements tend to make watching the game pretty fun. It also helps that being at the Red's field, The Great American Ball Park, is enough fun in itself. The atmosphere at the park is exhilarating, and fans tend to go a little wild when the ball is hit out of the park and into the Ohio River which the park sits on. Hitting a ball into the river is actually more possible than believed, especially with the Red's batting stats recently. The Reds lead the NL Central in the standings and it can be said that they are on top of their game, at the moment. Supporting the Reds is what is so important now, if a team that is on top of their game is supported by fans then they will continue to succeed and excel, so going to a game could benefit the team for the better.

The reason it would be so important to go to a Reds game now is because they have a very young team, a team of which is doing very successful. This young team is coming out strong and proving to people that they are contenders in Major League Baseball. Brandon Phillips, the Reds second baseman is even said to be one of the best, if not the best, second baseman in the National League. Phillips, along with Orlando Cabrera, and Joey Votto (MVP Candidate) tend to put on a great show for fans. The Reds are growing strong, quickly, so going to a game would be witnessing this growth and seeing the team as they start out their very possible future reign. The second half of the season is looking good for the Reds as long as they hold strong and keep playing at their full potential. To keep this team strong the fans and community are the ones that need to step up and let the team know that they have their support. The Reds have created a community in Cincinnati and being a part of that community is a great experience that will most definitely last a life time.!


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