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Yes, the Chicago White Sox are still competitors. The White Sox are leading the American League Central by one game over the Minnesota Twins, and they still have a shot, despite this new "slump" that they seem to have entered. It was just 5 years ago (in 2005) that the Sox took home a World Series trophy, and it appeared to be a symbol for the team's "pick-up". However, the team is in need for another one of those "pick-ups". Things started out well for the Sox as they went through the beginning/middle part of the season with many series sweeps and a good feeling that more success was to come. Recently though there a lot more marks in the losing column than desired by the team and fans alike. The White Sox need support at this time and they cling to the hope that they will once again rise to previous expectations.

It's as simple as making better plays and less errors for the White Sox to return to excellence, getting to that point, on the other hand, is the difficult part. Fans could help with this; it's always good to know that a positive back-up is behind you no matter what. The Sox are performing, to distinguish whether they are performing well or not is up to time and how they are handling opponents on the field. Statistics don't always tell the whole story, Statistics could go up while performance goes down or errors go up, eventually, without the right performance or safe back-up, statistics may go tumbling down. Therefore, the biggest critics are fans and it is up to those fans to create an excellent team. Being 7th overall in the association for homeruns isn't bad, the homeruns just need to be used consistently to empower the team in games that aren't looking very positive. Overall it's looking, or was looking positive, for the Sox, it's going to take some will-power and some fan base to get this team back up on their feet after losing their stride to the Minnesota Twins, then the Oakland A's, but it's very possible that things could turn out good for them.

The Chicago White Sox is another franchise with a good name and a good program that has an outreach program with the community and a "Pride Club" that gets fans involved even more. Once a fan interacts with their team it can begin to become addicting and one can even begin to feel part of the team, because, well, fans pretty much are part of the team.


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