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What is more American than taking a trip down Wrigley Field and watching a baseball game? Going to a Chicago Cubs game is like eating apple pie or watching fireworks on the 4th of July, every American needs to do it. The Cubs are a fun team that has a lot of good energy and can show fans a good game. They play in the competitive NL Central Division and aren't at the top of the league but many say "their time hasn't come yet". The Cubs will be playing very competitive teams the rest of the season and many of them are division leaders who are focused on post-season. This will give the team an opportunity to prove something to the rest of the league and really play well against some major teams.

Just imagine it now, pulling up to Wrigley field, walking in the gates, there's people all around and the smell of some pretty great food, you start to walk through the hallway to the field with crackerjacks in hand, sporting the blue pin-striped jersey, you get to your seats, and the fun begins. The Cubs keep you hooked for 9 straight innings, you hardly even blink, this is what baseball is all about. The Cubs' stats aren't too terrible this season; they actually have decent stats especially in the home run genre. With players like Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, and Ryan Dempster this team has all the pieces of the puzzle for a good team, they just need to put it together.

Chicago is a great city that has a lot of things going on in it, visitors will have options to go to many different places but the smart visitors will be going to Wrigley Field to catch a Cubs game. The Cubs are so much more than a baseball team; they have created a community in Chicago, a tradition. This team is ready for a new era, and era of the Cubs. They are ready to create a dynasty want to be that stand out team that everyone looks to and expects great things from. It's a new century for the Cubs and it looks like it will be a positive one. Join this team and help them create history, the fans are what will create this team into something extraordinary and it's about time that they became that. Go to Wrigley Field, you will have the experience of a life time as baseball history turns you into a "true American".


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