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Picture the scenario, walking into Fenway Park, the field appears in the opening of the stands, you see the crowd, the players take the field, the national anthem is sang, the first pitch takes off, and the game is on. The Boston Red Sox is an All-American baseball team scenario; they have stand-out players and a well known rivalry with another All-American team. Just 3 years ago the Sox took home a World Series trophy; this season they are 2nd overall in the league in homeruns and RBI's. The Red Sox have a good chance on going to the playoffs via wildcard and could even be the dark horse of the season. Watching the Red Sox play can get addicting and can put a sense of American pride in the hearts of baseball fans and non-baseball fans alike. Hearing names like Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz, and Kevin Youkilis happens pretty often around these games and fans start to feel as if they're on the team themselves.

There's something about being at a game that is a whole new experience than watching it on television, by just sitting within the park one can feel the emotions that the players feel and experience the highs and lows of the game. The Sox are doing average this season and are having both good games and bad games. They may have not reached their full potential yet, but with the right support behind them they'll be able to prove any negative comments wrong. The Red Sox have been around for many generations and will continue to be for many generations to come. So by just attending a Red Sox game you can be a part of history. The Red Sox created a new type of community within Boston and gave people a sense of pride and belonging.

This is a team that is beginning to come on strong and prove to people that they are not giving up just yet. The Red Sox has more fight in them, they just need the support of fans who come to the games and show that they have faith in what the team is doing. When a team knows that they have support behind them then they perform better, therefore, going to games is going to ultimately result in a better performance of the team. Success comes from all aspects of an organization working together, who knows, maybe going to Fenway will influence you into becoming a part of that success!


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