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If there's one team in the MLB that needs support this season it's the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are having a losing season and need a pick-up at the very least. The only possible hope for the team is if fans go out and back them up, who knows they may even start to select fans out of the stands to take the field with how much they need help. A positive out of their season is that if your favorite MLB team is playing them then it will most likely be a win. The surprise of the season was when the Orioles swept the Texas Rangers while they were on the road. There is always the hope that the Orioles will turn things around for the second half of the season and take away more wins than losses. Who knows what tomorrow holds for the Orioles, they have definitely been trying hard there's no doubt about that but things just don't seem to be coming together. This is when support is needed the most, when constant trying leads to continual failure then it is the job of the fans to boost the team up and make them believe that what seems impossible is in fact possible. This team needs to be fueled by hope and faith, which is after all, all that they have left.

On a positive note the Orioles have and outstanding baseball park, named none other than Oriole Park. The Orioles are an interesting case because they have a plentiful amount of potential and aren't performing terrible necessarily but for some reason things just can't seem to fall into place for them. Going to a game would definitely be a good experience while in Baltimore or while they are visiting because while they may not be doing what they would like to this season they still have a bright future ahead. Who knows, the Orioles could even be the next Cinderella story and being a part of that would definitely be something to talk about. So for the baseball fans, who want to take a new approach on supporting a team, try cheering for the Orioles, they very well could one day help you prove everyone wrong. It's good to have faith in things and the Orioles help you practice that. Going to a baseball game is an awesome, fun place to be anyways, try rooting for the under-dog while you're there, who knows, you may even witness a miracle!


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