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When was the last time you took a trip to good old Atlanta and enjoyed a Braves game? Never? Well were you aware that they are leading the National League East. Many people count the Braves out as soon as their season starts but they are more than what some people bargain for. They have an average season so far under their belt with a 57-41 record and they lead Philadelphia in the NL East by 5 games. Atlanta hasn't been World Series potential in this new millennium yet, but they are a team to watch.

Whether it's just taking a kid to his/her first baseball game, or enjoying the competitive 11th overall batting average and seeing players like Chipper Jones, Derek Lowe and rookie Jason Heyward take the field, the Braves have a lot to offer as a team. The Braves are a traditional and typical baseball team who has built an excellent program, and they have quite the potential if given the opportunity. It's always important to remember that a team is nothing without its fans and the support they bring, therefore, it is up to the fans to mount the Braves up and create the opportunity that the Braves have been so patiently waiting for.

Taking a trip to Turner Field is not a bad idea, especially if your support goes out to the Braves. Just the experience of engaging in the game and seeing what baseball was meant to be like is enough to keep you there for hours. The Braves are no strangers to success and although they haven't made "huge" accomplishments recently, they still make it hard to dislike them. This team has been around for so long that when the history of baseball comes to mind, the Braves don't seem to be far from it. Therefore, although the Braves haven't been succeeding as much as would be ideal lately, they have a certain history behind them that seems "All-American". The Atlanta Braves have potential and possibilities to be a mega team and a great competitor, a new history may even emerge, and fans have the opportunity to be a part of that.


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