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Cricket originated in England and is now composed of major and minor Cricket competitions. The highest, purest, and most strenuous form of Cricket is Test Cricket which is played between countries instead of clubs within a country. Many members of the National Cricket Team may come from the same club, but they have no obligation toward a lesser form of Cricket. Also, National Championships are referred to as First-Class Cricket because they are exclusively played under Test Cricket Rules.

While clubs and small venues may play Test Cricket, it is not referred to as First-Class Cricket unless the competition is between teams of different countries The next level of Cricket is called Limited overs, or Twenty20 and One Day International. It is given these names because the rules are designed to be played through entirety in one day. Since the inaugural game of Limited overs, the design of the game was again refined to be played in just under three hours as a means of providing evening entertainment to laborers.

In assorted First-Class grade Cricket games, the game will typically take almost five days in which both teams are required to play two innings each. An inning would consist of the entire batting lineup of one team getting a chance to swing at the bowl before being dismissed by the bowler. The Bowler is similar to the Pitcher of American Baseball but the ball is meant to bounce at least before reaching the Batter. Should the Batter swing and miss the bowl, and the bowl connect with the Wicket, which holds the Bails, knocking them from the stumps, the batter is dismissed and gets not more chances at bat for the inning. When the Batter makes a clean connection with the ball, sending it away from the Pitch and into the Infield or Field, he must run to the Bowler’s box and back as many times as possible before being dismissed in one of up to ten ways. The most common ways are catching the ball after the Batter knocks it into the air and knocking the bails from the Wicket behind the batter.

Internationally, the most heated First-Class cricket games are played between England and Wales, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and Kenya. They have annual international contests to determine the World Champion Cricket Team as well as multiple rivalries that have their own distinct trophies. Australia has the most conflict specific trophies with a trophy for games against the West Indies, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, and England.


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