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Active since 1968, Rush has undergone many reconstructions since its creation and first tour in July of 1974. A few spots in the band, bassist, lead vocals, and drummer have changed since guitarist Alex Lifeson formed the band in 1968. The original bassist and lead vocals, done by Jeff Jones was replaced before the bands second performance by Geddy Lee. The founding drummer, John Rutsey is also no longer part of the band being replaced by Neil Peart before the bands first United States Tour.

Their musical sound has shifted and returned over the years ranging from their roots as a blues inspired metal band, to a synthesizer fueled progressive rock group. From 1968 to 1976, they were described as metal, but early into 1977, they shifted into progressive rock, and then by 1982 synthesizers would be extensively featured for the next seven years. This phase would be kicked off by the release of Signals in 1982 and would fade away in 1989 with the albums Presto and Roll the Bones when they would enter their “returning to the roots” phase which would last until 1997 when the band went on Hiatus.

Following the Test for the Echo tour of 1997, Peart’s personal life forced the band to separate while Peart recollected his life. A year later, Peart met his future wife and in May 2002, the band released Vapor Trails and their official comeback tour in the same year. Their next album, Snakes and Arrows, was released in 2006 and the band consistently toured performing the album for the next few years. Clockwork Angels, an album in production while the band was being inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, is announced to be released in 2011.


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