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Well known as one of the most cult popular groups to ever perform, Dave Matthews Band is always a concert you won’t want to miss. The band first came to exist in Charlottesville, Virginia when Dave Matthews decided he’d record a few songs he had written up. To help give some dimension to his guitar playing, Matthews searched out the likes of Carter Buford, LeRoi Moore, Stefan Lessard, and Boyd Tinsley. The combination of Guitar, Drums, Bass, Saxophone, and Violin created one of the most incredibly distinct sounds to hit the music scene. Small gigs in their hometown turned into tours that would branch further and further across the country.

DMB truly came onto the music scene with the release of their first album, Remember Two Things, which was certified Gold, which is unheard of for a live-recorded album. They went on to record their first studio album, Under the Table and Dreaming, just before they set off for their first tour. Their escapade lasted well over a year, taking DMB across the United States to play at sold out amphitheatres as well as a few shows in Europe. By the time Dave Matthews and his band had settled into the studio to start recording their 2nd studio album, Under the Table and Dreaming had already been certified by the RIAA as four times platinum.

An interesting point to make about DMB is that they actually encourage that fans come to the concerts and make home recordings of their performances. Copyright issues usually keep music artists from allowing this, but Dave Matthews Band make a point to let it happen, knowing that it only adds to the musical experience by providing what might be the most diverse collection of performance footage and audio recordings for all fans to use. Despite this, RCA released Live at Red Rocks 8-15-95 before Dave Matthews Band began work on their third album. Though many bootlegs of performances were created previously, the album offered fans a cheaper alternative that was of incredibly high quality. With no promotion or advertising, the live album debuted at #3 on the billboard top 200 charts. Needless to say, the album went platinum soon after.

To this day, DMB tours the country, playing both classic hits that have lasted for over a decade as well as songs off of their latest album, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. Though they lost an original member of the band in LeRoi Moore to health problems, the band continues to play in front of thousands while on tour, being host at many sold out amphitheatres around the country. Their popularity has certainly grown since the band formed in Charlottesville, but Dave and his band have made it a point to stick to their grass roots style and provide their fans with the highest quality entertainment night in and night out while on tour or in the studio. If you’re lucky enough to have to chance to see Dave Matthews Band live in concert, don’t pass it up. It’s definitely a bucket list-type of experience.

When it comes to cultural acoustic, none other can compare to that of the music legend that is Dave Matthews.

The Dave Matthews Band brings a plethora of things to mind however, the one thought that particularly stands out is their unique music genre in which their own style and voice is portrayed. The blue grass jazz brings a calming spirit to your soul and will never fail to bring the sunshine out in your day. The American rock band with Dave Matthews as the lead singer will become so addicting you will not be able to listen to anything else. The unique sound to Matthews’ voice is what gives this band their amazing edge along with an eclectic group of seasoned musicians such as drummer Carter Beauford and violinist Boyd Tinsley, the band’s sound has been perfected and has successfully attracted a myriad of fans and followers.

Matthews and his band also known as DMB have been in the music business for almost twenty years and are strong as ever. Since their birth in 1991, they have released eight studio albums with Remember Two Things as their first album. In April of 1991 was their first performance as a band was at the City of Charlottesville’s Earth Day Festival. With singles such as “Crash,” “Tripping Billies,” and “Two Step,” it is no wonder that this band is globally recognized as one of the greatest. Their newest album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King released in 2009 has been their most successful album yet. Waiting until 2011 to tour, there is plenty of time for the Dave Matthews’ fans to become comfortable with their new album so that they will be successful at singing along with the band during their next tour. Achieving platinum status, Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King was nominated to be the best rock and roll album of the year.

Not only does Dave Matthews release studio albums but he and his band also performs in live albums quite frequently. Live Trax, their latest live album can only be found at selected Starbucks’ locations. With popular songs such as “Dancing Nancies,” “Grace is Gone,” and “Don’t Drink the Water,” the album will be bound to catch your ear and capture your heart.

If you have not yet indulged in the Dave Matthews experience then do not let another minute pass you by without doing so. The successful shows put on by the Dave Matthews Band will make you wanting more and more. After a DMB concert you will still be reliving the night in your car with “Ants Marching” busting your speakers in your car. At DMB concerts, most fans say the best part was when the band rocked out to “Why I Am,” “You and Me,” “Grey Street,” and many others. Things started to become lively when the sun went down and it was dark enough to see the bright screens and lights flashing throughout the stadium. The violin and guitar solos are what excite most people along with Dave Matthews’ original voice.

The “Larger Than Life” event is coming awfully soon. The week of December eleventh through the seventeenth will screen nationwide and will be held at Mile High Music Festival in Denver. Make sure you do not miss this event and do not pass up the chance to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert on tour. Wonderful. Talented. So many adjectives will come to your mind when you hear DMB for the first time. Definitely a great feeling you do not want to miss out on.


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