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From The Strangeurs to Chain Reaction, what is now known as Aerosmith, entered the studio for the first time in 1964 to record “The Sun,” “When I Needed You,” and “You Should Have Been Here Yesterday.” In 1970 Aerosmith performed at their first appearance comprehending that relating to their fans was the key to fame and success. In January of 1973, Aerosmith produced their first album where “Dream On” hit the top of the billboards. All throughout Aerosmith’s early history, a myriad of songs have been documented as the biggest hits such as “Pandora’s Box,” “Draw the Line,” and a plethora of other successful songs. In 1990 “What it Takes” made it to the top ten on the charts. “Living on the Edge” and “Crazy” put Aerosmith back on the charts and made them notorious as one of the best known bands in the world. And finally in June 0f 2008, the first game was built around the band Aerosmith, “Guitar Hero.”

The infamous American rock band is combined of eclectic voices including Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry, and drummer Joey Kramer. While on this year of 2010 you will not want to miss this talented band perform within a few feet from your touch. So Get Your Wings and see Aerosmith in person this year and have the time of your life. Be one of those fans who sings along to every song sang.

“Cryin,’” “Love in an Elevator,” “Girls of Summer,” “Pink,” and a plethora of other incredible tunes and hits come to mind when Aerosmith is mentioned so if you have not yet dove into the waters of this incredible rock band, you are definitely missing out. Next time you are in the book store or entertainment area of your local store make sure when you run your fingers across Aerosmith you pick it up and give it a shot. Aerosmith will be your new artist to jam to in the car and when your day started out badly Aerosmith will be the one to bring the sunshine out in the darkest of days.

Not only has Aerosmith produced amazing studio albums but also live albums which always keep the fans on their toes. A Little South of Sanity, Rockin’ the Joint, and Classics Live I and II are all popular live albums of Aerosmith’s among the fans.

The thought of a concert may not strike an interest in your head however, let Aerosmith do all the striking. They will need no help. Their rock ‘n roll aura at the concert along with Steven Tyler’s voice being complimented by the fan blowing through his hair will make you want to dance along to the beat of the song. During “Love in an Elevator” you will feel like you are in an actual elevator since the media screens go up and down just like an elevator. The kicking rhythm will make you want to stay all night with Aerosmith. This is just a typical scenario from an everyday Aerosmith concert. So go expecting more than what you read here. The collaboration of the band’s style and clothing will almost be as great as their music with their mismatched shoes and what not.

This sizzling rock band will bring fantabulous feelings to your soul which you will not want to let go of. You deserve a good dose of Aerosmith on your bad days and even on your good days. Treat yourself to an Aerosmith concert here soon since their tour is in full swing this year. Watch the steam rise from the floor and Steven Tyler with the rest of his crew perform a magnificent show.


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