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The American rock band birthed in 1986 is among the elite status of rock bands. Being one of the most popular groups of talented musicians and singers Widespread Panic is bound to always be a part of fans’ hearts. Bassist Dave Schools, guitarist John Bell and Jimmy Herring, drummers Todd Nance and Domingo Ortiz, and pianist John Hermann have worked together to produce the eclectic sound that makes Widespread Panic unique and different from other traditional rock bands. Whether you enjoy hard rock, country, blues, or jazz Widespread Panic incorporates it all into their music. One of the most amazing American jam bands, Widespread Panic have the southern rock and blues sound that makes all fans happy.

The band began performing together in bars and fraternities where their first hits were “Driving Song” and “Chilly Water.” Their first album, Space Wrangler, included “Take Out,” “Coconut,” and “Porch Song.” In the same year Widespread Panic: Live from the Georgia Theatre was produced. By the time 1995 rolled around Widespread Panic reached national recognition and gained a plethora of fans during their early years. In 1996, Widespread Panic released their first live album Light Fuse.

In 2003, Widespread Panic released Ball in which all of the songs were originals. “Time Waits” and “Don’t Wanna Lose You” were popular hits. Their ninth album Earth to America and tenth album Free Somehow which is also their latest album were both huge successes and helped Widespread Panic gain many more fans internationally. Their next album Dirty Side Down should be released this year so if you are a fan make sure you catch their next tour in a town near you. Do not let your hard rock spirit die because Widespread Panic can keep it going. You can even tape and distribute Widespread Panic’s shows which makes them an even better band.


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