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The American country – pop singer, Taylor Swift has swept a plethora of teenagers off their feet all around the world. Her enticing music and addictive lyrics cause people to sing along as they are driving in their cars, eating their cereal, or while working through the hours of the day. She may have even helped a young girl pass her biology exam in college due to the intense hours of Taylor Swift on repeat on her iPod while studying. Whether you are in a sullen mood or a severely happy one, Swift has a song for every mood. When you want to dance, cry, or laugh Swift has a song for you.

The beginning of Taylor Swift’s songwriting career was unknown to most. Her first song which was created with only three chords on the guitar was “Lucky You.” She used her talent to help her cope with not fitting in at school as a middle school student. Shania Twain, Swift’s greatest musical influence, led her to love country music which is the genre she began to create her music in. At age 15, she became a songwriter at the Sony Tree Publishing House in Nashville, Tennessee.

In the year of 2006, “Tim McGraw” was released which was Swift’s first debut single which was later followed by her first album Taylor Swift. At the CMT Music Awards in 2007 the “Tim McGraw” music video won Breakthrough video of the year. Songs such as “Our Song,” “White Horse,” “Teardrops on My Guitar,” and “The Outside” were all popular hits from her first album. Certified multi-platinum, Taylor Swift was nominated at the Grammys for Best New Artist. A year later, Swift released Beautiful Eyes which was an exclusive album.

Two years after her first album, Swift released Fearless, her second album in which earned four Grammy awards. For eleven straight weeks Fearless was at the top of the music charts. Songs such as “White Horse,” “Love Story,” and “Fearless” stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for consecutive weeks at a time. Swift’s 2010 Fearless Tour is still in action so make sure you do not miss the last few concerts of this year.


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