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Status Quo, also known as The Quo or just Quo, is an English “boogie” rock band who originated in Catford after band founders Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster met at Sedgehill Comprehensive School in 1962. Originally, the band was named The Scorpions, then changed to The Spectres, and then finally rested at Status Quo in 1970. Out of 60 charts recorded in the entirety of their music career thus far, 22 of them made it to the UK’s top ten albums. Status Quo are responsible for the US Top 40’s hit “Matchstick Men” which was one of their most popular songs on the UK singles charts. Before the band laid claim to their “boogie rock” genre, they were a pop psychedelica who gained no footing in the industry under such genre of music. After some failed attempts at topping the charts with this pop psychedelica music and clothing, they took to the rock sporting faded t-shirts and jeans, almost like the hot styles of today.

Quo’s success came after signing onto Vertigo, a record company with a heavy rock and progressive reputation. They would garner a heavy self-produced sound that would take them to new levels of success for the group already accustom to the highs and lows of the industry. After a number of lineup changes, Status Quo settled with the current members who include Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown, John "Rhino" Edwards, and Matt Letley. This overall overhaul of band members would leave only one founding member of the group, Francis Rossi. The band continued to rock out till they couldn’t stand it. That’s obviously a figure of speech because they continue to rock out to this day.

The band stays solidly true to their UK and Europe fans and continues to tour and play shows. Some of the members of the band have even made cameo appearances in TV soap operas and game shows. They also contribute their time and efforts to many charitable organizations including The Prince's Trust, British Heart Foundation and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. They are great musicians with a passion for people, music, and life.


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