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Rentao Zero is the stage name for the famed Italian singer/songwriter Renato Fiacchini born on September 30th, 1950 in Rome, Italy. Renato began his career in the mid 60’s after quitting his scholarly career to pursue music and performance art. He put out a couple singles that were never published in 1965; these were followed by two failed attempts in the industry with the LP’s No! Mamma, No! and Invensioni. During his entire career, he has been an advocate against drug abuse. Riding the wave of the glam-rock movement of the late 60’s, he used his androgynous character and cross-dressing ways to his advantage during the craze. This would normally boost the career of the beholder, yet he fell under scrutiny for his actions being dubbed a poser and an imitator.

“Zeromania” occurred in 1976 when Renato’s popularity skyrocketed and his music took off gaining him a massive following which he would call “Sorcini” which stands for “little mice”. The late 70’s were filled with great success for Rentao as he brought many hits and LP’s to the top of the Italian charts. This time was Renato’s time to be dubbed one of Italy’s most popular singers out of two or three total!

The 80’s were another rocky road for the Italian pop star. He garnered success even after getting rid of the grease paint and makeup of his old androgynous, cross-dressing ways. His popularity rode a wide open road up until the mid 80’s when he began putting out commercial failures. Fortunately, the 90’s were pretty great for the man most in Italy call “The Emperor of Rome”. This nickname is rightfully placed on a man who to this day can sell out his arena shows and have every person in the audience singing every word to all of his songs. This is done so loud you can hear the crowd over the music very clearly.

Today, Renato Zero captivates audiences with his amazing talent to sing and perform. This makes his decision to stop his studies at an early age not only an act of love for his passion, but an act of dedication through the roughest of times. He is an inspiration to many and lives the motto of following dreams.


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