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The Australian singer and songwriter, Peter Andre, initiated his music career with his debut song “Drive Me Crazy.” Even though the song was not quite as successful as Andre planned for it to be, his next single “Gimme Little Sign” hit the top of the music charts and was the song that made Peter Andre famous. In 1993, he sold the most albums out of all the other music artist in Australia. “Only One” was a successful hit in the United States hitting number six on the music charts. “Mysterious Girl” and “I Feel You” were both also popular hits. If you remember the Disney movie, Little Mermaid, and the song “Kiss the Girl” then you have heard Peter Andre’s musical talent before. After recording “Kiss the Girl” he took a short break from his music career. However, he was back on his feet in 2004, when he and his wife, Katie Price recorded the album A Whole New World.

Peter just could not seem to get Disney out of his head. Shortly after the album was released, the song “A Whole New World” became quite the musical listening option all over the world for children and adults. His latest album was released in 2009. Revelation included songs such as “Behind Closed Doors,” and correlated to Unconditional: Love Songs. His television popularity on TV shows helped him out in his music career. You most likely have seen or heard Peter Andre somewhere in the entertainment industry. If you are fan then you will be happy to hear that Peter Andre will be on tour sometime soon in a city near you. Beginning Friday, November 26, 2010, Andre’s tour will be kicked into action in Plymouth. The tour will continue through December 19, 2010 and will end in Manchester. Tickets are on sale now!


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