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Paul Weller, born John William Weller, is an English singer/songwriter who jammed with the well known and established groups The Jam and The Style Council. He is also known as the “Modfather” for his role in reviving Mod music in the late 70’s early 80’s. Paul credits groups such as The Beatles, The Who, Small Faces and The Kniks to be major influences in what he does. Although The Jam came about in the days of The Clash and the Sex Pistols, they were more along the lines of “new wave” music and never fit the tight clique which was the British punk scene. The Jam was a powerhouse of popularity to the point that they made a huge impression on The Clash. The Clash would end up bringing them on to the White Riot tour in 1977. The Jam would stock up on number one chart toppers and songs all over the top 40’s in the UK before disbanding in 1982.

Before jumping into his solo career, Paul Weller would put together a group called The Style Council. The Style Council consisted of Mick Talbot on keyboards, Steve White on drums, and Dee C. Lee of Wham on vocals. With this lineup, the group was able to supersede any boundaries which held The Jam to specific styles of music, which allowed Paul the room to experiment as much as he wanted, especially in the height of a jazz and pop revival at that particular time. The Style Council made a larger splash in the ocean of music when comparing Paul’s two groups. The Style Council had a lot more commercial success with far more chart topping songs in their arsenal. As time went on so did the demand for The Style Council. The band fell under tough times when their record label refused to produce their fifth album in 1985. The band split four years later.

Today, Paul has a successful solo career. He was voted Best Male Solo Artist at the 2009 BRIT awards. His major success falls in the timeframe of 2005 to the present.


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