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Lost for hours in the eclectic sound of a guitar strum and delicate voice of John Mayer happens quite often to his fans. Music, being most people’s outlet, can take you to a myriad of places – to a meadow, Paris, the moon. However, John Mayer’s music can take you anywhere you wish to travel to. No matter what mood you find yourself drowning in Mayer’s music can bring you out of it and into another. John Mayer’s modern acoustic sounds along with his intriguing voice can do some amazing things and can bring some well deserved emotions to surface. One of the best eggs in the music industry, John Mayer’s talent and creativity brings his fans to adore him, not just his music.

The birth of his career was with Clay Cook as the LoFi Masters. They would play together in local coffee shops and such things like Eddie’s Attic. As Mayer began to move towards the pop music culture their paths split where Mayer began his journey towards a solo career. His first album, Inside Wants Out, consisted of hits such as “Comfortable,” “No Such Thing,” and “Back To You.” The Mayer name began to become more familiar and in 2001 Mayer released Room for Squares which included the big hit “Your Body is a Wonderland,” and “Why Georgia.” The year 0f 2003, Mayer won his first Grammy – Best Male Pop Vocal Performance – which led him to release a live concert recording, Any Given Thursday. Positively reviewed, Heavier Things an intensely successful album of Mayer’s which included “Daughters” hitting the very top of the music charts.

Continuously, Mayer worked with artists out of his comfortable music genre to broaden his horizons. Mixing in with acoustic sounds, Mayer added blues and jazz. Achieving a bigger name, Mayer played the opening act at The Rolling Stones sold – out concert. His third album, Continuum, included the first single “Waiting on the World to Change,” “Gravity” and a plethora of other fabulous songs. He was featured on TV shows such as House and CSI with his new album. In the same year Mayer was a nominee for seven Grammy Awards and won the best pop album and best male vocal performance of the year.

So far the highest point in this musical career, John Mayer’s Battle Studies have passed up his previous albums by a lot. In November of 2009 his newest album was released which was highly anticipated by his fans. Through his new album he gained many more fans also reaching out to other genres. “Who Says,” “Heartbreak Warfare,” “Perfectly Lonely” and many other famous new hits have reached the top of the charts once more. His soothing voice and exquisite talent brings listeners to their knees. IPods all around the world have Battle Studies on repeat so you might as well join the rest of the crowd.

John Mayer, a musician who may be better than what you expect, can put on an amazing concert. Almost every concert is sold out by the time the date rolls around. His solid performances will make you want to sing along but the catwalk is not too flashy. The tamed atmosphere will make you feel comfortable and at home. You can be yourself at a Mayer concert. When he straps that guitar over his shoulder it is nothing short of magical. His voice has no boundaries along with this guitar talent. His humorous personality keeps the audience on their toes. John Mayer’s concerts are a must so make sure you go see him while he is on tour in this year.


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