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Jack Johnson was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Being so close to the world famous North Shore of the island, Johnson took quite the liking to the sport of surfing. His father, Jeff, was a professional surfer at the time, so a natural liking to the water was inevitable. He was bound to be one of the world’s best surfers, being what many called a prodigy of the sport. However, an accident at the wave called Pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii would change his choice in career. He was left with over 150 stitches in his forehead and missing a few teeth after crashing into the jagged reef that waited below the surface of the wave. His days of surfing professionally were over.

Johnson would attend the University of California at Santa Barbara, eventually earning a degree for film. While in college, he developed a love for music. He went on to direct an independent surf film while also providing the soundtrack for the documentary. This 4-song soundtrack reached the desk of J. P. Plunier, Ben Harper’s producer. It wasn’t long after this discovery that Plunier helped Johnson create his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. After the album was created, Johnson and his wife Kim along with their friend Emmett Malloy created Brushfire Records. After the creation of their new company, Johnson began work on his second album, On and On, in his newly created Mango Tree Studio in his hometown of Oahu, Hawaii.

After his 2nd album, Johnson recorded the soundtrack Sing-Alongs and Lullabies for the movie Curious George, of which critics raved over. It wasn’t until two years later that Johnson went into the studio again to create Sleeping Through the Static, his 4th studio album. Being the environmentalist that he is, Johnson recorded this album completely on solar energy at Los Angeles’ Solar Powered Plastic Plant Studio. The album’s release was followed by an epic world tour that was recorded all along the way. A number of songs were chosen from the recordings and added to a 2-disc album titled En Concert, providing one CD and one DVD for viewing.

Following the success of his live album, Johnson headed back into the studio to put together his fifth album, To the Sea. It wasn’t too long after until this new album was on the shelves in June of 2010. As of right now, Jack Johnson is on the road, touring around the country to promote this new album. His crisp, clean sound paired with simple yet powerful lyrics makes his music easy to listen to for hours on end. Take a quick listen to his live album and you’ll see why a live show by Johnson is not one to be passed over lightly.


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