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Artistic creativity and musical ability came together and intertwined when Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett created the music project Gorillaz. This virtual band is full of comic book characters. Composed of four animated band members. 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs all contribute to this talented band. With multiple genres included in the band, hip hop, dub, rock, and electronic music all influence Gorillaz. With over seven million copies sold and with a title of the most successful virtual band Gorillaz is bound to rock your socks.

Created in 1998, the idea of a cartoon band originated and a few weeks later Gorillaz’ first single, “Ghost Train,” was released. Their first album Gorillaz was released in March 2001. This album included hit songs such as “Rock the House” and “Time Keeps on Slipping.” Demon Days, their second album, was released in 2005 in which “Feel Good Inc,” “ Kids with Guns,” and “Dirty Harry” were all added to the virtual music industry. Plastic Beach, Gorillaz’ latest and third album was released in 2010 with hit songs such as “On Melancholy Hill,” and “Rhinestone Eyes.”

Gorillaz’ first world tour began in the summer of 2010 so if you are a fan then you should make sure you get a good seat the concert this year. In September the UK and Ireland will be toured then in October Gorillaz is coming to the United States. You can see Gorillaz in Europe in November and December they will be in New Zealand and Australia. With their worldwide popularity it may be a little challenging to get a concert ticket so hurry and book your seat fast so you can enjoy the evening with Gorillaz. Make sure to see the most unique virtual band this year in concert. It is something you definitely do not want to miss out on.


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