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Beginning in 1993, an Irish boy band began in Dublin playing a pop music genre. They originated from a boy band competition in Ireland in November 2009 where they performed “Careless Whisper.” Shane Lynch, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately, and Keith Duffy was the boy band’s five-member line up. Throughout Ireland Boy Band played in local bars, clubs and other such venues until 1994, when Boy Zone completed a cover version “Working My Way Back to You” in which Gately and Graham starred in. When 1995 rolled around, Boy Zone’s debut album, Said and Done, was released. Reaching the number one spot in Ireland, Boy Zone became quite a popular band. Their second album was released in 1996.

A Different Beat included a cover of “Words” which made the album very popular. Two major hits “A Different Beat” and “Isn’t It a Wonder” were also on the album. This album also earned Keating an award for composing “Picture of You.” Two years later a third album, Where We Belong, was recorded by Meat Loaf and released. “All That I Need,” and “No Matter What” were two major hits on the album. By Request, Boy Zone’s compilation of their greatest hits was by far the most popular album of all. The release of the album led to another Boy Zone tour in which “When You Say Nothing at All” made the crowd go crazy. With over ten million albums sold, Boy Zone was one of the biggest – selling groups in the world. However, Boy Zone’s split in 2000 did not stop them from being united in 2007. They were Back Again…No Matter What. The Boy Zone Brother Tour is coming soon in 2011. So be prepared early and buy tickets if you are a fan. They are on sale now!


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