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Need a good pick me up? When your days are feeling a bit gloomy, Anberlin will part the skies and make the sun shine once again just by clicking one button on your iPod. No matter how long your face is, Anberlin came make you instantly snap out of it and begin hitting your dashboard in your car acting as the Anberlin drummer. Or you may even begin playing the air guitar acting like your Joseph Milligan who is the lead guitarist from Anberlin. The alternative rock band has been rising to fame ever since they began playing together in 1998.

The band’s eclectic sound has beautifully combined vocalist Stephen Christian, guitarist Joseph Milligan, bassist Deon Rexroat, and drummer Nathan Young. No other band does it quite like Anberlin due to their awesome, unique sound and lyrics. Their first album, Blueprints for the Black Market, became popular very quickly in the rock world of music. “Readyfuels” and “Foreign Language” were two of the first singles that Anberlin recorded. Never Take Friendship Personal was the next album to be released in 2005. The band made one more step towards the top of the music charts. Cities and Lost Songs was the third album to be released. In 2007, the album sold over 34,000 copies during the first week it was released. Godspeed EP’s release was available shortly after. The album, New Surrender, was released in September 2008 which included songs “True Faith,” “Disappear” and a myriad of other addicting songs. Their most album, Dark is the Way, Light is the Place, is not available for purchase. New albums mean new tours.

So if you do not believe Anberlin coming from your car speakers to be efficient enough then Anberlin’s current tour should satisfy your ear’s desires. On September 28, 2010 Anberlin will kick off their tour in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tickets are available for purchase now.


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