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Tremaine. Prince of Virginia. Trey Songz. Whatever you may call this popular American hip – hop music artist, he has gained recognition throughout his short career as a singer. Trey Songz sings song with the influence of R & B and soul. His unique voice and sound has captured a plethora of listening ears and will continue to do so. Since 2000 when Songz was discovered in a talent show, he has been dedicated to making his next album. And finally in 2004 his first album was released internationally.

I Gotta Make It was released in mid – 2005 but only sold three hundred thousand copies. However, this did not discourage Songz. He kept on pursuing his dreams as a music artist and did succeed when Trey Day was released two years later in 2007. Yes, the album did reach the very top of the music charts. Songs such as “Last Time” and “Wonder Woman” were the biggest hits from Trey Day. Trey Songz began to be recognized by more fans at this time and this is where his career began to take off.

In August of 2009, Trey Songz released his third album, Ready. He presumed that this album would be even more successful than the previous two. “I Need a Girl,” “Say Aah,” and “Successful” are just a few of the popular hit singles from this album. However, this is not the end of it. His latest and fourth album, Passion, Pain, and Pleasure, has not yet been released but will be at the end of September in 2010.

Trey Songz’ tour begins August 31, 2010 and ends October 21. With cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Hartford being visited by Trey Songz there is no reason why you cannot attend one of Trey Songz’ concerts. Tickets are on sale now!


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