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Sara Evans’ first ablum was titled Three Chords and the Truth, which began her powerful career in the Country Music Genre. She exudes strength and independence and is considered a strong female role model for her never ending desire to perform at her best and consistent successes. Her latest album is a fourteen song compilation of redone songs from here previous thirteen. She was excited to work with John Shanks of Bon Jovi, Keith Urban, and Kelly Clarkson fame to remaster the songs and produce the album. She is believed to be on her way to becoming one of the most successful female artists of her generation and is voted into the “50 Most Beautiful People” of People Magazine fame. Among her multiple number one hits, her albums commonly go Gold certified, and her 2001 album, Born to Fly, is double-platinum as of 2010. The next two albums in her career, Restless and Real Fine Place have both gone platinum in 2003 and 2005 respectively. She is the mother of three children and seen as an excellent mother for her involvement with them unlike some musicians that commonly put their families after their celebrity. She is actively touring and performing songs from Born to Fly, Restless, and Real Fine Place with selections from her previous albums as well. As a mother of three, she is spending much of her time with them, and then touring, so writing is on the backburner for now but she says she will release a new album in the future.


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