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Unlike 99.999% of the major music industry, the acapella group, Rockapella, succeeds without using any instruments other than their voices. But this doesn’t diminish their sound, style, or message in any way as they have produced seven United States albums as well as ten Japanese albums during the late eighties and beyond. None of the original members of the group are still singers for Rockapella, but they made transitions in lineup while working on the set of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Several of the former Rockapella members still have successful solo careers and it is accepted that members of Rockapella leave and get replaced but aren’t forced out at all. The founding members, Elliot Kerman, Sean Altman, David Stix, and Steve Keyes all left of their own accord and have since established good solo careers, moved onto other pursuits, or elected to spend more time with their families. To this day, and despite only having two members part of the group during it’s initial use, the group sings the theme song to Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego at concerts for legions of fans requesting it. The current members are Scott Leonard, Jess Thacher, George Balki III, John K. Brown, and most recently added Steven Dorian.


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