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Fifty-one year old, Randy Travis, has been producing country hits since the late seventies. Starting in 1970 with his album, Randy Traywick, he paid his dues with an independent album to get himself known to the public. While doing freelance work and paying his bills, it would be almost ten years before he got signed to a major label and produced his multi-platinum debut hit album Storms of Life for Warner Bros Records. His next four albums would hit peak at some point as number one albums with his 1991 album, High Lonesome, peaking at third on the Country Charts. He was immensely popular in the late eighties and early nineties with his first six albums accruing a total of twelve platinum credits between the United States and Canada and one gold pressing of High Lonesome in Canada. In 1924, he dropped off into relative obscurity compared to his former glory with the album Wind in the Wire peaking at twenty-fourth in the US Country Charts and as low as one-hundred and twenty-first on the Top 200 listing. His career since the eighties has proven to resemble waves of success followed by marginal successes creating a sort of cycle between being the hot Top 10 Country Music Star, and the middle of the pack former glory. You and You Alone became his greatest hit album in the late nineties, again followed by a stiff drop in airplay at the culmination of the century with Inspirational Journey. His 2002 album would snap the last albums standing peaking at top eight and certified gold. The next year saw good success too with Worship & Faith also reaching a top ten sport on the Country Charts and certified gold. His most recent album, Around the Bend, has peaked at third and will likely reach atleast gold status in the coming year on the back of his next album to be released in 2011.


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